CarArena is a game by IzE_Design , a Rally game where you play in special circuit in arena, SS.
The style is a Cartoon style and the detail of game is very low, but the game is so funny.
You challeng, head to head, an enemy, that is computer or an other player in LAN.
The game is made by BLENDER and there are 3 modality:

- Single Player: You challeng the computer in two different level of difficulty;
- Free Ride: You can drive in all circuit to understand and practice the moviment of the car and the circuit, without lap and time limit;
- Multiplayer: For the first time I have inserted a multiplayer, but this is my first time and this mode does not work very well (so far), you can play in LAN. ***You can play on Internet, but you MUST share your IP Address of Internet connection with the other, for know your IP Address Click Here!***

You have 5 car and 5 circuit:


The game was develop on Windows, there are a Linux version.
You can see the Trailer of the game:

YouTube Versione in Low quality
>>>Youtube Version<<<

Download Full Game CarArena
Windows Installer: [106Mb]
Linux Archive: [93,8Mb]

For all problem contact me on: "info(at)"

Some Screenshot:

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